Tarsiers (?) in Time, Part II

Reconstruction and comparison of Afrotarsius and Afrasia molars, from Wikimedia Commons

Reconstruction and comparison of Afrotarsius and Afrasia upper molars, from Wikimedia Commons

This week we’ll return to our look at the fossil record of tarsiers and their putative relatives with a much more controversial group of primates, the afrotarsiids. This group of three known species was first assigned to the tarsiidae, but is now often argued to represent a group of early stem anthropoids. For my overview of the certain members of the Tarsiidae, see Part I.

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Tarsiers in Time, Part I

Eastern Tarsier, from Wikimedia Commons

Eastern tarsier, from Wikimedia Commons

Let us inaugurate this blogging adventure with some of my favorite primates. Tarsiers’ unique, derived morphology, possible relationships to anthropoids and the fossil omomyids, and and apparently deep history as an independent lineage make them particularly intriguing from the perspective of primate paleontology.


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