Java Gibbon

Paleontological sites in eastern Java

Paleontological sites in eastern Java, from Ingiccio et al. (2014)

If the distinguished reader confesses much familiarity with the history of paleoanthropology, he or she might recognize the name “Trinil.” This site, now thought to date to around 1 Ma, was the type locality for the famous Java Man described by Eugene Dubois as Pithecanthropus erectus in 1894. Fossils of other animals collected by Dubois at Trinil have, perhaps understandably, received less popular attention. However, they include the oldest record of primates from island Southeast Asia, a langur Trachypithecus auratus and macaque Macaca fascicularis. Now, writing in PLOS One, Thomas Ingiccio and colleagues have reanalyzed another specimen of Dubois’s collection from Trinil and report it to represent the earliest evidence of a fossil ape from the whole of Southeast Asia.

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